FS2400 Bagtrac Kit

Stowmate FS2400 BagTrac Storage System, Complete – Single Unit

Dual Sided, Safety Yellow Bollards – does not include floor fixings or hooks. Heavy duty aluminium construction.

Can support up to 48 x OZIhook, EURO V2 Hooks or Hook Mk2 Bag hooks @200mm centres

Volume Discounts apply.



Stowmate FS2400 BagTrac System: Ultimate Floor-Mounted Storage Solution

Introducing the Stowmate FS2400 BagTrac System – a groundbreaking storage solution that revolutionizes how you organize bags, hats, and essentials. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this versatile system offers a new level of efficiency and convenience for your storage needs.

Innovative Floor-Mounted Design:

Unleash Your Space: The FS2400 BagTrac System introduces a game-changing concept – floor-mounted storage. No longer confined to walls, this innovative design brings storage capabilities to any space. Twin heavy-duty, floor mounted, all-welded aluminium bollards serve as the system’s foundation, providing stability and durability.

Robust and Resilient:

Built to Endure: The FS2400 is constructed from premium-grade aluminium, ensuring unmatched strength and longevity. Its heavy-duty moulded rail mounting brackets, treated with UV protection, make it suitable for both outdoor and indoor installations. These brackets effortlessly secure the system, maintaining its structural integrity in various environments.

Effortless Assembly:

Simple Setup: Installing the FS2400 is a breeze. The system arrives with twin bollards, sturdy brackets, and rails – all components necessary for a seamless assembly. With clear instructions and minimal components, you’ll have your FS2400 BagTrac System up and running in no time. Prices do not include floor fixings and or bag hooks.

Ample Storage Capacity:

Optimized Layout: The FS2400 offers a generous storage footprint, measuring 2700mm x 300mm x 1300mm high. This spacious design allows you to efficiently organize bags, hats, and other essentials in an organized and accessible manner.

Unparalleled Versatility:

Adaptable to Any Environment: Whether outdoors or indoors, the FS2400 excels. Its heavy-duty powder-coated safety yellow bollards ensure visibility and durability in various settings. This adaptability makes the FS2400 suitable for schools, sports facilities, offices, and more.

Seamless Integration with Safehook Products:

Optimize with Safehook: Pair your FS2400 BagTrac System with our Safehook OZIhook, IHook Mk2 and or Euro V2 hooks purposely designed to further enhance your storage capabilities. The system’s design allows for effortless attachment and arrangement of Safehook hooks, guaranteeing seamless integration and expanded storage options. NOTE Please specify hooks are for installation on FS2400 units at the time of ordering hooks as screw lengths are different to that supplied as standard.

Dimensions: Overall Length 2.57m – Height 1.3m – Rail Heights 700mm from the floor and 1200mm from the floor measured to the centre of the installed hook button – Rail measures 2.4m long x 150mm x 40mm (due sided) – Overall Width (Floor fixing Plate 240mm x 150mm)

Elevate Your Organization with FS2400 BagTrac:

Experience the future of storage with the Stowmate FS2400 BagTrac System. Transform your space, streamline organization, and enjoy a dynamic storage solution tailored to your unique needs. Explore the boundless possibilities of floor-mounted storage – explore the FS2400 BagTrac System today.

Note: Safehook hook products listed above have been designed for optimal compatibility with the FS2400 BagTrac System

For inquiries and assistance, please contact us at www.safehook.com.au or download our latest Stowmate Brochure

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