WM BagTrac 3m Rails

Australian Made & Owned
Australian Made & Owned

Know what you want? Here’s an easy way to order 3m Stowmate (Wall Mounted) WM Bagtrac Rails. Strong, easy to clean Aluminium extrusions with an anodised finished suitable for general indoor and or outdoor use.

Includes 1 x 3m Wall Mount Rail Body, 1 x Channel Cover and a set of two moulded EOR/Rail Joiners – Prices do not including hooks or wall fixings.

Volume Discounts Apply



Individual Stowmate WM 3m (Wall-Mounted) BagTrac Rails: Tailored Storage, Your Way

Elevate your storage solutions with our Stowmate WM 3m Wall-Mounted Rails – the ultimate customizable storage solution. Designed for those who have a clear vision of their storage needs, these 3m rails offer a convenient and flexible way to build your storage system from scratch.

Stowmate Wall Mount BagTrac Hook Rails

Key Features:

  • Tailored Length: Each Stowmate WM 3m Wall-Mounted Rail comes in a full 3-meter length. This allows you the freedom to cut and customize the rail to your desired size, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.
  • Complete Package: With each rail, you’ll receive the necessary components to create a seamless and sleek storage solution. This includes two End-of-Row (EOR) caps and rail joiners, ensuring a polished finish.
  • Versatile Compatibility: These 3m rails are designed to perfectly complement our range of Stowmate hook products, including the Ihook Mk2, OZIhook, & the Euro V2. Create a harmonious storage setup that meets your unique needs.
  • Dimensions: The rail dimensions are 150mm x 34mm x 3000mm, providing ample space for hooks, bags, and accessories.
  • Volume Discount: We understand that some customers have specific needs and prefer to create their storage solution a la carte. Our Stowmate WM 3m Wall-Mounted Rails come with a volume discount, providing excellent value for those seeking to purchase in larger quantities.
  • Easy Assembly: The simplicity of our design extends to installation. Clear instructions make assembly a breeze, allowing you to have your storage solution up and running in no time.
Stowmate WM BagTrac Components Include - Main Aluminium Rail Body 3m, Rail Channel Cover 3m, Two Moulded Rail Joiners plus fixing Screws, Two EOR Push In Covers.
Stowmate 3.0 WM BagTrac Components

Design Your Ideal Storage: With the Stowmate WM 3m Wall-Mounted Rails, you’re in control of your storage system’s dimensions. Cut, customize, and install – it’s your space, your way.

Please Note: These rails are available exclusively in the 3m length and do not include 1.5m options. The product page offers a volume discount and is designed for customers who have a clear understanding of their storage needs and are comfortable with ordering individual rails.

Prices include the supply of injection moulded PP Rail Joiner mouldings and End of Row Caps colour black, 2 sets per rail included.

Prices do not include the supply of Bag Hooks sold separately.


Prices do not include wall mounting screws and or bolts. A suitably qualified installer should access the suitability of the wall structure and make good any necessary wall support to ensure the “Stowmate” rail system is secured appropriately.

When fitting rails to a wall we suggest securely fastening rails using M12 fixing bolts or screws with washer’s fixings positioned no less then 150mm from the end of each rail and supported at no more than 1.35m intervals dependent on the construction of the substrate which the rail is being mounted. The suitability and strength of the method of installation should be reviewed by a qualified person prior to fitment.

We recommend rails be installed 700mm from the floor level then at 500mm row centres. We recommend hooks be installed at 300mm centres the initial and last hook in each row installed 150mm from the end of the rail. Based on the above 3m rail should hold 10 hooks.

Please refer Stowmate BagTrac Installation Instruction’s for more information. Click here

Stowmate Installation Instructions

Stowmate is made in Australia and manufactured that includes Aluminium extrusions, and injection moulded Poly Propylene EOR Caps and Joiners.

Non Combustible All Aluminium Options Available On Request – MOQ Apply. Non combustible options comply with Australia’s Nation Construction Code’s (NCC) requirements – effective 1 May 2023.

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For more information or for help ordering your Stowmate system feel free to contact us direct [email protected] or call +61 7 3511 1668

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