Stowmate FS2400 BagTrac Inline Rail Extension Kit

Australian Made & Owned
Australian Made & Owned

Stowmate FS2400 Rail Extension Kit – Includes a single Inline bollard, FS2400 Bagtrac Aluminium rails x 2 & 4 x Sets of Rail mounting brackets and Bollard brackets. Does not include hooks and or floor fixing hardware. NB. This is not a standalone product, it is designed to be used inline and in conjunction with an existing Stowmate Single FS2400 BagTrac storage unit.

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Stowmate Inline Rail Extension Kits – the ingenious solution to seamlessly extend the length of your Stowmate FS2400 BagTrac system without the need for extra legs.

Key Features:

  • Space Expansion: Double or tripple the length to your storage system effortlessly.
  • Efficiency Upgrade: Increase capacity without compromising stability.
  • Streamlined Design: The kit blends seamlessly with existing systems.
  • Strong and Durable: Heavy duty commercial grade aluminium is strong, durable and easy to clean.
  • Up to 24 Hooks Per Rail: Space your hooks at 200mm centres and fit up to 24 hooks per rail (12 hooks per side) thats 96 hooks on a 4 rail system.

Designed for Enhancement: The Stowmate Inline Rail Extension Kit is purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with your existing Stowmate FS2400 BagTrac units. It allows you to extend the overall length without adding unnecessary extra legs, preserving the clean lines and stability of your setup. Suitable for indoor and or outdoor installation.

Dimensions: Bollards measure 1.3m high, rails are supported as follows: Low rail 700mm from the ground, top rail 1200mm from the ground (Measured to the top centre of your hook button) Rails measure 2.4m long x 150mm x 40mm, a single extension adds 2.47m to the overall length of a standard two bollard unit. An extended unit ie. 3 bollards, 4 rails measures 5.04m in overall length. Floor fixing plates measure 150mm x 240mm.


  • Modified Inline Bollard: Crafted for dual-sided rail mounting, accommodating four sets of cross rails – Bollards 1.3m high.
  • Pedestal Base: Four-point fixing for stability; floor fixings not included, fitted PP moulded top cap.
  • Twin Double-Sided FS2400 Aluminium Rails: 2.4m rails include four sets of rail and bollard mounting brackets.
  • Hooks Not Included: Customize with your preferred hooks.
Stowmate FS2400 BagTrac Extended Unit – Double The Storage

Installation Note: The Stowmate Inline Rail Extension Kit is designed to connect seamlessly to existing Stowmate FS2400 BagTrac units. Please note that these extension kits are not intended to function as standalone units.

Elevate your storage capacity with the Stowmate Inline Rail Extension Kit. Explore the possibilities at

Stowmate FS2400 inline extension kits are easy to assemble and simple to install. For more information as to how to install your Inline Extension kit refer our latest assembly instruction sheet or contact Safehook direct.

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