WM Bagtrac Kit

Wall Mounted “Kits” Specifically developed to fit  Safehook “IhookMk2”, “Euro V2”, “OZIhook”, and “Euro V2” range of bag and hat hooks to walls.

Strong, easy to clean Aluminium extrusions with an anodised finished suitable for general indoor and or outdoor use.

Available in a range of easy to order kits.



“Stowmate Wall Mounted (WM) BagTrack Storage Rail” is a purposely designed, high performance wall mounted rail  system specifically developed to provide optimum installation for Safehook “IhookMk2”, “Euro V2”, & “OZIhook” range of bag and hat hooks to walls.

Super strong, easy to clean, 6060 T5 Tempered Aluminium extrusions are finished with a 20um clear anodised finish and is suitable for general indoor and or outdoor use. Exposed faces on each extrusion are finished with a fine media blast texture enhancing the products visual appeal, hiding scratches and facilitate cleaning.

Available in a range of easy to order kits .

Stowmate 3m rail kits are supplied with 3m long rails that are designed to be cut to length on site by the installer, alternative multi rail kits that include combination of 3m and 1.5m rail lengths are available to order. Rail kits are designated as holding a nominated number of Safehooks based on hooks being installed in uninterrupted rows spaced at 300mm centres.

Rails measure 150mm x 36mm – a 3m rail weighing approximately 8kgs.

Prices include the supply of injection moulded PP Rail Joiner mouldings and End of Row Caps colour black, 2 sets per rail included.

Prices do not include the supply of Bag Hooks sold separately.


Prices do not include wall mounting screws and or bolts. A suitably qualified installer should access the suitability of the wall structure and make good any necessary wall support to ensure the “Stowmate” rail system is secured appropriately.

When fitting rails to a wall we suggest securely fastening rails using M12 fixing bolts or screws with washer’s fixings positioned no less then 150mm from the end of each rail and supported at no more than 1.35m intervals dependent on the construction of the substrate which the rail is being mounted. The suitability and strength of the method of installation should be reviewed by a qualified person prior to fitment.

We recommend rails be installed 700mm from the floor level then at 500mm row centres. We recommend hooks be installed at 300mm centres the initial and last hook in each row installed 150mm from the end of the rail. Based on the above 3m rail should hold 10 hooks.

Please refer Stowmate BagTrac Installation Instruction’s for more information.

Stowmate is made in Australia and manufactured that includes Aluminium extrusions, and injection moulded Poly Propylene EOR Caps and Joiners.

Non Combustible All Aluminium Options Available On Request – MOQ Apply. Non combustible options comply with Australia’s Nation Construction Code’s (NCC) requirements – effective 1 May 2023.

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