Stowmate WM BagTrac Units installed at Cavendish Rd State High School, Brisbane

A Clutter-Free Transformation: Stowmate by Safehook

Cluttered hallways, bags strewn about, and a concern for safety – these were some of the challenges that Cavendish Road State High School in Brisbane was facing. The school’s performing arts building, a hub of creativity and learning, had unfortunately turned hallways into a cluttered space with bags and clothing left haphazardly on the floor.

Stowmate WM BagTrac Units installed at Cavendish Rd State High School, Brisbane
Stowmate WM BagTrac Units – Cavendish Rd State High School, Brisbane

Safehook’s innovative Stowmate WM BagTrac system came to the rescue, getting bags off the floor and onto free wall space, transforming the space into an organized and efficient haven.

The Problem: Tripping Hazards and Cluttered Walkways The issue at Cavendish Road State High School was becoming more than just a minor inconvenience. The cluttered hallways not only made navigation challenging but also posed a safety hazard. Teachers and students alike were facing difficulties navigating through bags and clothing left in walkways.

The Solution: Stowmate WM BagTrac Safehook’s Stowmate WM BagTrac units proved to be the ideal solution to tackle this issue head-on. Installed in the performing arts building, these units combined functionality with aesthetic appeal.

The Transformation: Clean Lines and Clutter-Free Hallways The installation consisted of two rows of Stowmate WM BagTrac units, with each row stacked neatly above the other. The units were equipped with the versatile Ihook Mk2 bag hooks, designed to securely hold bags and other essentials.

The impact was immediate and impressive. The clutter that once filled the hallways vanished, replaced by a clean and organized space. School’s teachers and staff are delighted with the change, and the improved safety in the area was a significant bonus.

Modern Aesthetics and Blending In One of the initial concerns expressed by some members of the school community was whether the Stowmate system might seem too “primary” for a high school environment. However, these concerns were quickly put to rest. The Stowmate WM BagTrac’s sleek and modern design, with its clean charcoal and white colour palette, blended seamlessly with the surroundings. The smart aluminium rails and the organized arrangement contributed to the space’s overall appeal.

A Smart Investment in Efficiency and Aesthetics The success of the Stowmate WM BagTrac installation at Cavendish Road State High School serves as a testament to the power of thoughtful design. By addressing a clutter issue with an innovative solution, the school has not only made its hallways safer but also enhanced the aesthetics of the space.

Safehook’s Stowmate WM BagTrac system demonstrates that storage solutions can be more than just functional – they can also be an integral part of an environment’s visual appeal. The installation at Cavendish Road State High School is a shining example of how a well-designed system can make a significant difference in both organization and aesthetics.

Experience the Change Yourself If you’re looking to transform your space with efficient and visually appealing storage solutions, explore Safehook’s Stowmate range today.

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Cavendish Road State High School is now enjoying clutter-free hallways and a transformed environment, thanks to Safehook’s Stowmate WM BagTrac system.