Stowmate FST2400 with child 2

The Answer to No Wall Space: Introducing Stowmate BagTrac FS2400 Free Standing Storage Rails

Are you tired of struggling with limited wall space to hang school bags and hats? Look no further! We are thrilled to introduce the innovative Stowmate BagTrac FS2400—a game-changer in school storage solutions.

Compact Footprint, Maximum Efficiency

The Stowmate BagTrac FS2400 is designed to fit seamlessly into areas where wall space is minimal. With its compact footprint, this versatile unit and can hold up to 48 bags (mounted at 200mm centres back to back), making it perfect for schools with limited storage options.

Sleek Design, Durable Construction

Our FS2400 features a sleek and modern design that complements any educational environment. Crafted from durable aluminum, it guarantees longevity and low-maintenance, ensuring a tidy and welcoming atmosphere for students and staff.

Customizable to Fit Your Needs

We understand that every school is unique, and that’s why the Stowmate BagTrac FS2400 offers customizable options. Tailor the unit to suit your specific requirements, creating an efficient and organized storage solution for your school community.

Hooks Designed for Sensible Storage

The Stowmate BagTrac FS2400 has been designed to work specifically with our Safehook OZIHook, Ihook Mk2 and Euro V2 products  ensuring practical, safe and secure storage for school bags and hats. Our Stowmate Storage solutions when combined with our Safehook hooks withstand the rigors of daily use and provide a reliable solution to keep belongings organized.

Seamless Integration with Stowmate WM Units

Worried about how it will look alongside your existing Stowmate WM units? Fear not! The Stowmate BagTrac FS2400 seamlessly complements our dual-sided WM units, offering a unified and cohesive storage system throughout your school.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Versatility is key, and the Stowmate FS2400 delivers. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, you can optimize storage space in classrooms, corridors, and outdoor areas, making it a truly adaptable solution for your school.

Built to Last, Australian-Made

At Safehook, quality and durability are paramount. The Stowmate BagTrac FS2400 is proudly Australian-made, and we stand behind its exceptional craftsmanship with a 5-year warranty. Rest assured, this unit is built to withstand the test of time.

Upgrade your school’s storage with Stowmate BagTrac FS2400. Discover the difference it can make in your educational space. For more information and to explore our range of storage solutions, visit

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a well-organized school environment with Stowmate BagTrac FS2400!