Safehook Products Now In More Then 650 Schools Across Australia

Safehook’s reputation as a supplier of quality bag and hat hooks is rapidly gaining momentum. Testimony to this is the fact that many of the orders for our bag and hat hooks come from existing customers, customers who are happy with our products and the contribution our products make to keeping bag and hat areas organised and safe.

Our installations list is by no means complete, it grows daily, it will however give you an idea as to just how well received our bag and hat hook products have been received across Australia.

If you’re considering buying new bag and hat hooks why not talk with someone already using our products, asked them what they think about Safehook, whether it be our Euro hook or one of our OZ hook products we are confident that our customers will tell you just how good they are.

If your school is not on our list then we are happy to help you. Call or enquire on our web site we welcome your enquiry.

For more information about this and or other Safehook products you can drop us a line at [email protected] or call +61 7 3511 1668

You can buy your OZ-Ihook’s in various pack sizes find out more at our on-line store. Click here

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