Not All Hooks Are Safe Hooks

The Sleeman Sports & Aquatic Centre Upgrade to OZ-Y Hooks.

Stainless Steel Hooks Installed at the Sleeman Aquatic Centre, Brisbane

A quick audit of change rooms won’t take long to establish if your current towel & bag hooks are a potential OH&S issue, and if they are its worth while changing them over to a better safer alternative.

Managment in most facilities are generally pretty quick to see the benefits of Safehook product’s & replace potentially dangerous hooks with products like our new OZ-Y Hook’s.

In reality the Sleeman Aquatic Centre was no different to so many other sporting facilities around Australia. Existing “Modern Architectural Solutions” to wall storage, whilst looking good, can fall seriously short when it comes to the safety of the people who have to use the products. Most architects, specifiers & end users we talk with simply don’t know about the alternative, and as a result sharp metal hooks, potential accidents, exist every where.

The solution is safe, functional and affordable. Safehook’s range of OZ-Y moulded wall hooks are made from tough polypropylene, designed & manufactured in Australia, purpose built to minimise the potential injuries associated with falling against a hook. Our OZ-Yhook’s are rated to support up to 150kgs, far in excess of any likely load. Available in a range of colours, Safehook’s Oz-Y Hook not only look the part they provide a safe alternative to traditional metal hooks.

OZ-Y Hooks are available on line, visit our web site feel free to order a free sample & see for yourself what are on about, we are sure you’ll be impressed.





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