New Ihook Easy Order Colour Packs

Safehook Have Made Ihooks Even Easier To Order With Five New Mixed Colour Packs

It can be hard to decide on the right colours when you have over 650 different colour combinations to choose from, so we’ve had a go at making a bit easier for you. We have pre assembled five great colour combinations that are easy to order and sure to satisfy.

We have five New Colour Packs, packs consist of four different colour combination of our latest Ihook and supplied with equal numbers of each colour combination. You can order packs in 32, 60, 100 or 160 units sizes. Straight up, or mix them, up the decision is yours, and won’t they brighten up a room?

All colour combo’s allow you to choose your choice of base colour Black/Charcoal/Purple or White and include equal quantities of collars and Buttons in the following colour combinations;

“Lollipop” Mix – Green/Tango, Red/Grape, Blue/Yellow & Yellow/Pink, Collar & Button combinations.
“Primary” Mix – Red/Red, Green/Greed, Yellow/Yellow & Blue/Blue,  Collar & Button combinations.
“Cool” Mix – White/Sky, White/Blue, White/Navy & White/Violet, Collar & Button combinations.
“Summer” Mix – White/Grape, White/Yellow, White/Tango & White/Red, Collar & Button combinations.
“Gelato” Mix – White/Grape, White/Sky, White/Pink & White/Violet, Collar & Button combinations.

Can’t find a colour combo that works for you, then contact us and we will be happy to lend a hand.

Injection Moulded from UV Stabilised Poly Propylene suitable for indoor or outdoor installation – Australian designed and manufactured. Not just “Tough Hook’s” they’re “Australian Tough Hooks” from Safehook.

The IHook MK2 is the latest addition to our OZ-hook range of moulded bag and hat hooks. A compact two position hook that packs a huge amount of strength and stability. Tested in house the IHook MK2 is capable of supporting in excess of 150kg without failure when installed correctly.

Moulded from UV stabilised co-polymer polypropylene IHooks can be mounted indoors or outdoors and are manufactured from material’s tried and proven to stand the test of time. Easy to clean, a wipe over with soapy water is all it takes. Just like our OZ-I and OZ-Y hooks there are no sharp edges or corners, this product is safe, tough, functional, good looking and affordable.

Antimicrobial Additives included at the time of moulding, Full UV pack in mould included. Install them inside or out this product will stand the test of time.

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