How Safe Is Your School’s Bag Storage Area?

So here’s the problem. Does it look familiar? Just how safe are the hooks used in your school?

The unfortunate answer is hooks like those shown above are down right dangerous and as is the case with so many Australian schools this is an all too familiar sight. Most of these sort of Metal hooks are easy to break and often over looked when it comes to maintenance. Positioned conveniently at Child head height the result of a child falling against one of these hooks leaves little to the imagination as to the potential damage caused. Reports of injuries associated with such accidents are often severe and in some cases life changing. Is it any wonder that some school authorities are moving towards banning the use of these styles of hooks all together?

So just how easy is it to fix this problem and what are the options?

Options include,

  1. Building pelmet’s that are positioned over the existing hooks,
  2. Removing the hooks altogether and installing bag racks, or
  3. Replacing existing hooks with a safer hook option.

Installing Pelmets is an expensive option that adds to the on going issue of maintenance, bag racks whilst popular are expensive, space consuming garbage collecting devices. The option of replacing existing hooks with a safe hook is hands down the best and easiest option to consider. Products like Safehook’s Euro hook or our OZ-Y or OZ-I Hook’s provide an affordable, easy to maintain Safe alternative to sharp metal hooks. Moulded from hard wearing UV stabilised polypropylene our Safehook products can generally be installed onto the same substrate as was the dangerous metal hooks being replaced, so in the end it may be as easy as unscrewing one hook and fitting your new Safehook. Pretty simple and pretty inexpensive.

What makes Safe Hook products safe? No sharp corners or protrusions, large hook bulbs purposly designed with flat surfaces to reduce the potential for injury, hooks designed and manufactured from hard wearing polypropylene that doesn’t break down quickly or become brittle like other materials, easy to maintain and easy to service, a colour range that includes high visability options that help  define boundaries. On top of which our Safehook products are strong.

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