New Euro V2 Hooks installed directly to brickwork at Carole Park SS in Qld

Carole Park SS – New Euro V2 Bag Hooks

The folk at Carole Park State School in Brisbane have been hard at work replacing old port racks with New Euro V2 hooks and they look great.

In their time Port Racks and School Bag Cubbies served a purpose and are so much better than old metal hooks, however bag cubbies and port racks really do leave a legacy of maintenance and cleaning issues, on top of which they do take up a lot of space.

Bag Cubbies and Port Racks can be “Rubbish Traps & Space Invaders”

Thankfully Carole Park State School saw the light, installing new Safehook Euro V2 bag and hat hooks, getting rid of the Old “Space Invaders” the result’s speak for them self.

New Euro V2 Hooks installed directly to brickwork at Carole Park SS in Qld

Getting rid of rubbish traps and opening up walkways just made good sense. New hooks are being fitted directly to brickwork using screws supplied, holes predrilled and fitted with spaghetti offer a strong safe sensible way to store school bags and hats, getting gear off the floor and onto the wall.

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